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We combine the latest technology with traditional animation techniques to create cutting edge

computer-generated animation for both the local and international broadcast industries, 

and develop original animated content for broadcast and multi-media distribution.


Liquid Dynamics

Over the years we have created a love relationship with liquid dynamics. The challenges we face on every liquid job forces us to think outside the box. Our main application we use for this function is a package called RealFlow. Please speak to us for any liquid solutions.

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AnimMate is built on the passion of it's team of designers, modelers and animators and their desire to push the boundaries of technology and creativity. Our philosophy is to combine the latest technology with the knowledge and wisdom of traditional techniques to create world-class animation productions - to constantly challenge ourselves and provide content that is fresh and exciting for our clients.

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3D Crowd Simulation

We have created various solutions for our clients using thousands of virtual extras. We use our motion capture studio to capture any motions in-house that the live performers will be doing. We use these motions to drive the virtual crowds. 

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Motion capture

Animmate has invested in the Academy Award winning Vicon suite. With this system, a director can see motion applied to a CG character at the time of capture, ensuring that the right performance comes through. Real data on real CG characters in real-time. AnimMate's Vicon suite can record up to four characters simultaneously, allowing a degree of interaction that was previously unimaginable in the generation of CG performance.

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On set Supervision and Compositing

On set supervision and compositing/online, are two aspects we love and have decades of experience in. From previz to final online we are dedicated to create each frame with care and attention.

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Photographic studio

We offer a spacious multi-functional photographic studio for all types of shoots. 

Size: 13.5m length x 7.5m width x 8m Height. The studio also includes a bathroom with shower, a make-up/dressing room, a fully equipped kitchen and outside patio. 

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